Elevator Pitch

“What do you do?”

It’s a question that usually elicits a silent groan from many of us, myself included.

So the idea here is to turn this into another opportunity for growth and learning – develop a short response that intrigues and can be used when confined in a lift/at a party/meeting the Queen.

Easier said than done?

In developing this idea, I guess an easier question to start with is, “in an ideal world, what would be my fantasy answer?” What excites?

So, in the day job I work as a software development contractor and my client for the past 4 years has been a private bank.

That would be a bad answer. It’s well paid and I take satisfaction from doing a good job – you could even say that I am passionate about making good software, which can often seem a Sisyphean task tbh, but it’s not even close to the fantasy answer.

My side project is in financial trading. I seem to have been struggling to get this live since forever, which is, perhaps, a sign that my heart might not be 100% in it. Nearly there, though!

So we’re back to food, even if the possibility of doing anything… commercial seems so unlikely and unviable that I almost don’t dare to think about it. Not to mention the ridiculous amounts of work involved, the extremely high rates of attrition or even my utter lack of experience in anything remotely resembling the food industry – unless washing pots and waiting tables in my youth count.

Still, it would be very cool to be able to reply, “what do I do? I feed people – nourish them – you could even say, show them a little love…”

Link: Live Your Legend: 4 steps to crafting, testing & perfecting your elevator pitch

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